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Great Experiences In Calonge

Calonge is a municipality that is found in Spain in the province of Girona. It is in Catalonia community. There are two parts found in this town. There is the village side which is quite medieval and a resort area at the seaside which is very modern. This is a way of telling you that you can enjoy two types of holidays while in Calonge.

The village experience is very ideal for people who are in need of experiencing the heart of true Spain. You can expect to have some of the most authentic holidays here. The surroundings are very quiet and so you can appreciate the real side of Spain. The accommodation facilities are quite intimate too. The village area of Calonge is medieval you can therefore actually visit some of the most interesting historic places in this region.

While you are in the village area, you will be able to appreciate art as well as architectural designs applied from the past. You will also be given the opportunity to appreciate the way of life of the village folks in Spain. At the village, the Spaniards can be seen going by their daily work. It is the perfect place to actually mingle and interact with the local people and enjoy their food and culture.

There is a resort at the seaside which is very popular with tourists. It is known as Sant Antoni de Calonge. It lies in between Palamos and Sant Feliu de Guixols. The two very different areas are actually connected by the GI-660. The road also leads to La Bisbal d’Empordia through the mountains of Las Gavarres. C-31 is a road which splits the resort and medieval areas into two.

There are also some fascinating campsites that are located in Calonge. In fact, the campsites are the best in all of Costa Brava. There are campsites such as international Calonge, Treumal and Cala Gogo. These are actually among the very best campsites in all of Costa Brava. This only goes to explain that you can actually engage in some camping activities in the area of Calonge.

There are also many accommodation facilities located in Calonge. Here you can choose the facility that is actually adequate for you. You have the option to choose from hotels, resorts, medieval accommodation, houses as well as villas. The resort area is the most visited in Calonge and you can expect larger crowds here.

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Experincing The Most Incredible Holidays In spain

Spain is a fascinating holiday destination with worldwide recognition. It receives millions of visitors from all corners of the world every year who come to experience some of the most outstanding experiences in Spain. Having been in the tourism sector for a long time, Spain has some of the most modern facilities to cater for the needs of all people. It is a country like no other and there are multiple experiences to be sampled in Spain.

Spain is a country that is able to meet all the needs of different categories of people. When you are with the children, you can visit the nature and water parks that usually host activities for the whole family that may include rollercoaster. There are many other activities that are ideal for families. You can also visit the museums with the family and appreciate the history of Spain. The beach areas add to the fun of the whole family and you will totally enjoy the experience.

If you are a person who enjoys skiing, then you should visit the winter attractions. Most ski resorts are situated in the mountainous regions. You can also get lessons on the same if at all you are interested in learning.

For experiences of real Spain, the rural settings are ideal. You can get different modes of accommodation in medieval settings and stay at remote villages where you can see the ways of life of the Spanish people. Rural Spain is the set up that is guaranteed to give you the most outstanding experience away from all modernity. By visiting the different areas in Spain, you will be able to appreciate the diversity in Spain.

Spa holidays can also be planned in Spain. These are ideal for persons who are in need of therapies and massages. They are located in strategic places such as near hot springs as well as mineral springs and are ideal for different types of therapies.

Beach or summer holidays are also a viable option while in Spain. There are so many beach areas in Spain, especially bearing in mind that Spain is connected to two major water bodies and has island destinations. You can access any of the areas.

However, you should really be careful if you are with family as some of the beaches are nudist. Find out as much as you can about a destination before settling for it.

City break holidays are also possible in Spain. You can experience the separate experiences that the cities have to offer and be sure that the entire holiday experience will be totally worth it.

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Costa Blanca-The- White Coast

Costa Blanca usually referred to as the white coast when translated to English is a coastal region located in the province of Alicante in Spain. The name was meant as a promotional term but it stuck with time. The tourism industry in coast Blanca is well established and there is much to see and do here. Many tourists visit this area every year. It lies on the coast of the Mediterranean. The most popular destinations within the Costa Blanca include Xabia, Alicante, Benidorm as well as Denia. Most of the tourists are from Germany and Britain.

Costa Blanca is a great destination by its own right. It is a region that is deep in history. The region was first conquered by the Moors who brought a lot of developments to the region. They were the ones who actually introduced irrigation in this region and also started planting oranges, almonds and peach orchards. The legacy that was left behind by the Moors are the terraces that are seen on hillsides all across this region.

After the Moors the Catholics took over. There were always fights between the Moors and the Christians over the Costa Blanca. It is an interesting part of history that is fascinating to know about.

The Costa Blanca has some of the most idyllic beaches ever. There are also coves in the area. Other attractions clearly indicate that traditions and modernity are well blended here. All the locations within the Costa Blanca are amazing destinations.

The climate in all of them is amazing and it encourages water sports to a very great extent. The light here allows the times by the sea very precious. It is a great place to enjoy some leisure time.

As you move further inland, there are some towns which are also great attractions. There are incredible landscapes all over that make one appreciate the Costa Blanca even more. The cultural and artistic heritage found in the towns is something that can never be overlooked. Fiestas, celebrations and Mediterranean cuisines are something to really look forward to while in Costa Blanca. The activities held here are always out to impress and this makes the experience all the more appealing.

The spring break is also something to look forward to. Spring breaks taken to Costa Blanca are a lot of fun. You will enjoy cocktails, lounging in the pools as well as dancing with your friends on the beach areas. The Spanish style is appreciated during such times in Costa Blanca.

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Catalonia's Lloret De Mar

Lloret is a coastal town located in Catalonia. It is a resort that lies within the Costa Brava area. It is not too far from the area of Girona and Barcelona. This means that it is an area that is very accessible from all areas. In Selva Cormaca, it is the town which comes second in area occupied.

Lloret de mar attracts a lot of visitors especially for the summer holidays. Most of the tourists take advantage of the package tours as they are able to cover literally everything. The main beach in Lloret is the most popular in all of Costa Brava for cleanliness and has won several major awards.

The nightlife in Lloret is also something to behold. The majority of the crowd that is attracted to the nightlife of this wonderful area ranges between the ages of 18-30. Most of the people who visit this area are from other European countries.

The roman and Iberian civilisations remains can still be seen at different places in Lloret. There are also many archeological sites where one can go for explorations.

References that were made about Lloret go back to 966. In the past, Lloret was referred to as Loredo. The Saracens invaded the town in the past too. A dance was forged during this time and it is still practiced today.

Before the 15th century, the town was further inland. This was aimed at protecting itself from attacks of the pirates that originated from Algeria, turkey, and France.

The importance of the port of Lloret gained importance commercially in 18th century. The port does not operate today but there are houses that are built there that are a quick reminder of the past era. It is an area that should be visited while on holiday.

There are many areas that hold a lot of interest in culture too. They include the sant Roma church. The designs used in its making is gothic dating 1522. It was meant to be a form of refuge as there were many attacks from pirates. There are castles too, monuments as well as gardens. There are many other great places of interest that one can get to see while in the town.

The most outstanding things in the area are the beaches and the bays. There is such a wide range of these to choose from that you will be dazed at the options. The area also has some very notable people who used to live here. It is an area where memories and great experiences can be made.

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Attractions of Villa Holidays in Spain

Away from the hustle and bustle of hotels and hostels, location d’une villa en Espagne is the best option for a blissful vacation in Spain. Spain is the ideal destination for a budget holiday in Europe. The extensive beaches lapped by the warm water of the Mediterranean, the secluded coves framed by palm trees and pine forests and the mountains covered with verdant Mediterranean vegetation attract holidaymakers to the seaside resorts of Spain.

Located in picturesque location, close to the sea, or nestled inland in a scenic town or village, the villas of Spain are luxurious holiday retreats. Boasting of opulent features, the villas are arguably the most comfortable holiday accommodations in Spain.

Location de Villa en Espagne

Villa Rental Website

With resources on villa rentals available on the internet, you can easily find an appropriate holiday property in a website dedicated to villa rental in Spain. With pictures of the holiday homes and details about facilities, their distances from the beach, city centre and recreational venues available on the villa rental website, you can easily identify a holiday property that meets your requirements. From low cost villas to lavish holiday homes with infinity swimming pool, lush garden, terrace, Jacuzzi and upscale furnishing, a variety of villa rentals catering to different budgets can be spotted in a villa rental website.


Holiday villas are available in almost every town and village of Spain. The demand for apartments and villas are especially high in the popular tourist areas of Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Costa de Barcelona, Costa del Sol, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands – the popular destinations for beach holiday in Spain. The location of a villa dictates its rent. As the leisure facilities are concentrated in the seaside resorts that draw the largest number of holidaymakers, villas located in the touristy areas charge a higher rent. To reduce the cost of your villa vacation in Spain, consider renting a villa located in a less touristy area, preferably in a rural setting. Away from the chaotic crowd of holidaymakers, the country houses are tranquil retreats for a pleasurable vacation.

Time for Villa Holiday

Every season has a distinct character. Hence, Spain is a year round holiday destination. However, due to abundant sunshine and pleasant weather condition, holidaymakers from across Europe flock to the coastal towns during the summer months. July and August, the hottest months, attract the largest number of tourists.

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